About Us

Tools for Enterprise & Education Consultants (TEECs), is an entrepreneurship, economic and education development consultancy registered in Malawi.


It has two directors and a pool of qualified and motivated associates that form a multi-disciplinary team, offering reasonably broad expertise in terms of capacity building. Founded in 2009, TEECs has been engaged in a wide variety of short and long term assignments providing services in the field of; Business training SME development, research studies, trade investments, business linkages, feasibility studies, strategic and business plans technical support in education.


TEECs Clients consists of government bodies at district, regional and national level, non- governmental organizations (NGOs), commercial banks, donor agencies, private sector organizations and SMEs. Although most of TEECs contracts are with donors and NGO’s at higher levels, we are engaged directly with producers and SMEs at grass root level and are increasingly being asked to work with farmers to promote Agribusiness development in Malawi. We are contracted on short and long term assignments.